Religion and Sacrifice

The mayan observed many gods according to different cities different gods were favored. When one area conquered another their god was forced on the new area

The mayan were believed to be a peaceful people, but later found to be a blood thirsty culture practicing human sacrifice often. It was their belief that to please the plethora of gods they demanded human blood. mostly the god of rain and lightning Chac. Commonly the heart was ripped out and offered to these sacred deities. Not only that but the passing the crown from father to son/daughter the king would draw blood from his own body as an offering to his ancestors along with another human sacrifice

Mayan gods

  • Hunab Ku

Supreme Deity, creator god

  • Cizin
Death god, god of violence such as decapitation
  • Chac
Rain god,rain lightning
  • Itzamna
  • Aged God, priestly, knowledge, divination
  • Hun Hunahpu
maize god ,one hero twin
  • Xbalanqe
The other hero twin of the popol vah the mayan creation myth
  • Kin or kinich Ahou
Sun god, younger version Itzamna
  • Ik
Wind and hurricane god
  • Chack Chel or Ixchel
Old goddess, fearsome generix, goddess of fertility and birth, rainbow goddess, patron of weavers
  • young moon goddess
Patron of love and fertility
  • Kawil
God of rulers, patron of dynastic decent, fire and lightning
  • Jaguar
Lord of the underworld, associated with caves, night and hunting
  • Ek Chueh
Patron of merchants
  • Pauahtun
4 gods that hold up the sky
  • Hun Bats & Hun Chuen
Monkey gods patrons of scribes