some weapons used in mayan warfare
Warfare, Conquest, Weapons

It was up to the mayan kings to declare war and did so to become more powerful rulers. Steles , or stone tablets were carved out to represent significant warriors.

Many rituals were preformed befor war was waged. inscents was lit to soothe the soul.some warriors wore some type of headdress brlived to apese the gods. others wore small cloth around their head and ears. warriors would also shave a stipe down the back of their heads. Also masks were decorated and painted. Children would gather quetza feathers for the warriors, and wemon would preform dance as well.

Garments were woven and died to be worn on the warpath. Some embroiderd or painted desings on their uniforms. Protective clothing someting like armor was fashioned from simple tree bark. A variation of light and dark colored feathers would be use as camoflouge . Warriors would wear claws and feather to look like animals

The mayan fasioned knifes from stone for an offensive weapons. For a devensive weapon wood and fearters were put together to make shields. They would also use bows and arrows and long wooden spears. Jade was a precious stone because it was used to make axes