Leaders and rulers

The mayans were never united under one ruler. There were many cities with its own ruler, some more powerful then others The government over the mayan was basically a monarchy essentially power was passed from father to first born so. Sometimes a kings first born would be a girl in this case a queen was crowned.

The mayan used the word "" for there leaders which means lord in their language. These Ahaw would have specific dress to display authority. Rulers were believed to be direct decedents of gods and were dubbed chief priest being in charge of rituals benificial to the mayan people. They would wear different costumes to represent various gods to preform these sacred rituals. The jaguar was a symbol or royal power. Also the blueish green feathers of the quetzal bird were thought to be sacred. Headdress for these priest was so tall and elaborate back support was used to hold it all up.
one example of mayan ruler